Famous Trivia

FAMOUS TRIVIA is the fastest growing trivia company in the US. And now we are in Michigan! We feature a completely app driven game that is easy, fun, and entertaining for your guests. FAMOUS TRIVIA has been increasing revenue at hundreds of bars nationwide for years. We are the leader in live-hosted pub trivia. Let us build your weeknight traffic and profits for an affordable and profitable FAMOUS TRIVIA night.

FAMOUS TRIVIA is Proven to Grow Your Revenue. Owners report a $1,000 – $3,000 revenue growth per night.



Our hosts are all trained and experienced entertainers. More importantly, they have SKIN IN THE GAME. Hosts are paid bonuses as they build your business. The more players they attract, the more both you the bar owner and the host makes.

What is the best night of the week to have a trivia night?

While it obviously comes down to specific nights that you have open, the majority of our shows take place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night because it breaks up the work week for your players/customers.  

We have had great success in offering special THEME GAMES on Sunday afternoons. Let’s talk, we can show you how a specialty games could build your Sunday afternoon sales.

The other thing when you are considering a week night is getting existing customers, who are already fans of your business, to spread the word, spend more money, and bring out more friends or family.  The goal is to increase your revenue as quickly and as much as we can – this includes getting help from existing customers as well as new ones. Even when first starting your trivia nights, bars find higher revenue by increasing sales-per-customer.

What is the best time of night for trivia?

Typically, we don’t want to interfere with a dinner crowd as some patrons want to enjoy their dinner without entertainment happening in the background.  With that being said, it’s always good to get some of those customers to stick around and spend more money on some after dinner drinks, but still have it early enough where trivia players are still ordering food and drinks. We find 7:00 to be the most popular start time. Use our provided table-tents to build your traffic on trivia night by promoting to your current base. Returning customer guarantee profits.

What does the bar/venue have to provide? 

Our trivia hosts have everything they need to run a successful show – sound equipment if needed, router for players to hook up to, and their awesome hosting skills.  They will get there early, typically 30-45 minutes before the start of show to get set up and walk around to get people signed up.  We understand you have your business to run, so we want to make this as easy on you as we can!

What should we expect – how long does it take to grow a following?

When we choose a night that takes into consideration what we discussed in picking a day/time, we find that it takes about 12 weeks to really grow that following.  In some cases, it happens more quickly and other situations where it might take a little longer.  It really takes our marketing department, you and the host working together to make sure we are making the biggest impact.

What is our commitment? Is there a contract?

We do have a 12 week service agreement, that relates directly to how long we feel it takes to build a show, but it is just for the first 12 weeks.  After the 12 weeks is up we continue on a ‘handshake” – no additional service agreements or extensions are required. 


What type of marketing do you provide?

As you may realize from having to market for your venue – there isn’t one magic dart that works from a marketing standpoint.  You have to try many different approaches to maximize your marketing efforts and throw many different darts against the wall to see what sticks.  That is no different with us and we sit down with you to plan out an approach that we feel will suit your business best. What do we provide?

  • CUSTOM FULL COLOR POSTERS: Hang them up on your doors, entryways, restrooms, etc. The more times your customer see it the better.
  • TABLE TENTS: Awesome way for your current customer to see that you are offering FAMOUS TRIVIA.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We include our social media services to promote your trivia nights online in event and things-to-do lists. Both free and paid. No cost to you!

How much is it?

We start at $150 per night, and $75 extra if you would like to add a second “Late Game”. This is a separate game with different questions. GREAT way to retain traffic and build sales.

Contact us today! We would be proud to come visit your venue and do an in-person demo of the application and a game.

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